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Apr 24

Geoff Rickley Audio Interview -- Addresses Working With Lostprophets Rumors -

Check the replies for a good audio interview with Geoff Rickley, of Thursday fame, where he addresses a lot of things … including the rumors that he’ll be working with the remaining members of the now defunt Lostprophets. Also in the interview it’s revealed that Geoff has decided to really buckle down on his label now that he was able to secure some financing from an investor. They have a Saves the Day 7”, Touche Amore 7”, and Title Fight 7” all on deck. It’s a good listen and definitely worth the time.

The Summer Set Cover The 1975's "Chocolate" [Video] -

Check the replies to see The Summer Set cover The 1975's “Chocolate.”

Jack's Mannequin "Everything in Transit" Turns Nine -

Jack’s Mannequin's Everything in Transit turned nine yesterday.

The 1975 - "Girls" [Acoustic Video] -

Check the replies to see The 1975 playing an acoustic version of “Girls.” The band’s official new video for “Robbers” should be coming early next week.

Submitted by Timmerton120

Andrew McMahon to Receive Stupid Cancer Social Impact Award -

Andrew McMahon has been awarded the Stupid Cancer Social Impact Award for his efforts to spread awareness about young adult cancer. He will be receiving this award this weekend at Stupid Cancer’s 7th Annual OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults in Las Vegas.

Submitted by xxkacf

Fall Out Boy / Paramore Tour to Be Carbon Neutral -

The upcoming Paramore and Fall Out Boy tour will be carbon neutral. The full press release can be found in the replies.
“We have a responsibility and a desire to be on tour… a lot. So it’s really great to work with forward-thinking people to help make our touring business as sustainable and Eco-conscious as we can.” added Hayley Williams of Paramore.

Submitted by mr_raccoon

Mae to Play Stageit on May 31st -

Mae will be performing on May 31st via StageIt and they’re teasing some kind of announcement during their show.

Submitted by Trevor Sostarich

Fixed News Submission Error -

We had a minor error on our news submission page that was making it look like you had to log-in to submit news — sorry about that — all fixed now. So, feel free to send in your news tips (anonymously or not). I know there are still a few things not quite working on the website (and the slowness on posting and editing still seems to creep up every now and again), but we’re getting closer.

The Cab Announce "Lock Me Up" + Song Clip -

The Cab's new single will be called “Lock Me Up” — artwork and a clip can be found on Instagram.

Random Interview - The Liverspots -

The Liverspots took some time to answer our random interview, which can be found here.
I had been in a lot of bands before and had always been determined not to have a band name with the word, “THE,” in it. For some reason, I now realized that I actually wanted to be a part of that tradition. I guess I figured that it was good enough for the Crickets, the Beach Boys, the Clash, and the Ramones…so it was good enough for us too. I wrote out a list of names that combined these ideas…the Dentures, the Catheters, etc. Most of these names were taken…so I went with the Liverspots. The rest of the dudes joined months later and never got a vote.