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Apr 19

Yeah, But What Came First? The Music or the Misery? -

Vox reports on a study that looks at how country music is happy in bad times, sad in good times … and pop-music is the opposite.
The researchers behind the study, Coastal Carolina University’s Terry Pettijohn and Southern Mississippi’s Donald Sacco, take as their dataset the Billboard country songs of the year from 1946 to 2008. They used text analysis software, and manual chord analysis and tempo measurement, to identify lyrical themes and musical properties of the songs. They then compared their findings to an index measuring the overall well-being of society, using indicators like unemployment, inflation, personal income growth, the suicide and homicide rates, the divorce rate, and so forth.

Drinking With The Jocks -

The NBA playoffs start today and the NHL is in full-swing … if you like talking sports (or like reading Drew rants), check out our sports forums.

"The Definitive Emo Playlist" -

This has to be the first time Matchbook Romance have been included on a playlist since Thomas was trying to woo girls with his mixtapes, but our friends at WashedUpEmo has put together the “definitive emo playlist” for Billboard.
Tom Mullen, director, digital marketing at Legacy Recordings/Sony Music, has taken the Executive Playlist to a whole other level—albeit a completist Emo level. Here, with 312 songs spanning 19 hours and 43 minutes of angsty melodicism ranging from Texas is the Reason to Taking Back Sunday to Pinback and beyond, this intense compilation culled from his WashedUpEmo.com blog will leave you exhilarated and perhaps by its end emotionally spent.

United Nations 7" Re-Pressing -

United Nations' Never Mind The Bombings Here’s Your Six Figures has been re-pressed.

The Replacements Joined by Billie Joe on Stage -

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong joined The Replacements' on stage at Coachella. Hit the replies for some video clips.

Reports: Gwen Stefani Taking Over for Christina Aguilera -

TMZ is reporting that Gwen Stefani will be taking over for Christina Aguilera on the seventh season of The Voice.

Sunny Day Real Estate - "Lipton Witch" -

Hit the replies to hear Sunny Day Real Estate's new song “Lipton Witch.”

Brand New Set List + NIN Cover [Video] -

Brand New opened their set in Manchester by covering Nine Inch Nails “Wish” — a video can be found in the replies.

Marika Hackman Live Video -

Watch a video of Marika Hackman performing “Deep Green” live in the replies. The Deaf Heat EP is available now.

Apr 18

Barren Womb Release New Video -

Watch Barren Womb's new video for “Live Fast, Die” in the replies.