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Jul 30

Staff Content (07/31/14) -

Hooray, hooray, the bullfighter dies. And nobody cries because we all want the bull to survive.
Staff Reviews Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again (Drew Beringer)

House of Heroes Launch IndieGoGo For Full Length -

House of Heroes have started and IndieGoGo for their next full-length album.
We want to make a true concept album. A story.
Often times we’d discuss how fun it would be to do this, but we never followed through for several reasons. Fear of total commercial failure, the grandiose scope of the whole thing, the fact that it’s not the 70’s anymore and it’s hard enough to hold someones attention for one song, let alone an entire album. But we believe that we’ve found a group of fans that are craving this very thing from us, and we are now inviting you to join us as we move forward into the next chapter of House of Heroes.

Brian Eno Posts Letter On Israel and Palestine Conflict -

David Byrne has published a letter from Brian Eno about the current Israel and Palestine conflict.
Why does America continue its blind support of this one-sided exercise in ethnic cleansing? WHY? I just don’t get it. I really hate to think its just the power of AIPAC… for if that’s the case, then your government really is fundamentally corrupt. No, I don’t think that’s the reason… but I have no idea what it could be. The America I know and like is compassionate, broadminded, creative, eclectic, tolerant and generous. All of you symbolise those things for me. But which America is backing this horrible one-sided colonialist war? I can’t work it out: I know you’re not the only people like you, so how come all those voices aren’t heard or registered?

The Life and Death of a Mid-Level Band: The End of The Swellers -

Head to Vice’s Noisey to read drummer Jonathan Diener discussing the career and end of The Swellers.
Maybe we missed our big shot by not cashing in at the right time. Maybe we could have set our artistic pride aside and written the same record over and over again. Maybe we released too much music. Maybe we shouldn’t have been so accessible to our fan base. Maybe we could have picked a different record label or a different manager or changed our band name a few years in. You can question yourself forever, but it won’t change a thing. I like the choices we made. I like that we took risks and kept it real.

Rig Rundown with Brand New -

Hit the replies for a ‘rig rundown’ with Jesse Lacey and Vin Accardi of Brand New.

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AP.net Interview: Beartooth -

You can check out our interview with Beartooth here.
If we didn’t die on stage, then we didn’t play hard enough.

AEGES Stream New Song "Echoes" -

Head to LA Weekly to hear a new AEGES song called “Echoes.” Above & Down Below releases September 23rd via The Mylene Sheath.

Abandon Kansas Release New Song, Announce Tour Dates -

Listen to a new Abandon Kansas song called “Slow it Down” in the replies. Tour dates are also below.

Nathan for You + Of Mice and Men -

If you’re not watching Nathan for You yet, at the very least Drew and I think you should get on that. Now, how do I turn this into a news post … hit the replies to see an Of Mice and Men reference about 20 seconds in on a recent episode.

Promise of Redemption Releasing New Song For Charity -

Promise of Redemption is releasing a song from an upcoming B-Side album for a donation to the American Cancer Society.
Hey everyone, as most of you know, I am a big supporter of the American Cancer Society. When it came to my attention that my best friend Jon Lyons was raising money for the American Cancer Society by running in the New York City marathon in honor of his dad (a cancer survivor), I thought when better a time than this to put the full weight of all of my amazing friends and fans behind such an awesome cause. Jon has been training relentlessly for this and I am super proud of him. For those of you who don’t know Jon, he is the drummer of the always amazing Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, and he is absolutely the kindest, most amazing dude you could ever know.

So to help Jon reach the quota he needs to be able to run I have decided to offer up an unreleased song from my upcoming “Before the Flowers Bloomed” B-sides LP … All you have to do to get this song is donate 5$ or more! What better way to give to a good cause?! See Jon’s message below, and in advance I’d just like to say thank you to all of you, I am one lucky dude to be surrounded by such incredible people. I hope to see you all very soon.